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Listener Q&A: ChatGPT, Laravel Hangups & Best Practices, API Docs, Inertia Next Steps

In this episode, we dive into listener-generated questions. Join us as we cover a wide range of topics, from hangups in new Laravel apps and best practices for bigger ...

An Open-Source Panel, the Future of PHP, and Delegation in Business

In this episode of the Laravel podcast, Matt and Taylor explore a variety of topics, including ones suggested by listeners! Taylor shares insights from his recent trip...

Laravel 11 Release, Context, New Hires, & Open-Source Sustainability

Welcome back to another episode of the Laravel podcast! In this episode, we dive into the exciting release of Laravel 11 and discuss its impact since it has been out i...

Season Six Trailer

(Posted in the middle of Season Six, to take advantage of new features in our podcast hosting platform)

Laravel 11, Reverb, Herd Windows/Pro, & Other Laracon EU Recap

In this episode of the Laravel Podcast, we are diving into the highlights of Laracon EU including the unveiling of Laravel 11 and the introduction of Laravel Reverb. T...

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