Volt Breeze, Testing, Traits, & Inheritance

Join us in this episode as we discuss the new Livewire + Volt Functional API stack for Breeze and its capabilities. We also demystify essential testing best practices to keep your code scandal-free and away from front-page mishaps. Uncover the art of crafting meaningful tests, evaluate the pros and cons of Pest vs. PHPUnit, venture into the realm of traits and inheritance, and determine the optimal number of tests for your project. Tune in for a jam-packed episode brimming with insights and strategies to elevate your testing game.

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Matt Stauffer
Matt Stauffer
CEO Tighten, where we write Laravel and more w/some of the best devs alive. "Worst twerker ever, best Dad ever" –My daughter
Taylor Otwell 🪐
Taylor Otwell 🪐
Founded and creating Laravel for the happiness of all sentient beings, especially developers. Space pilgrim. 💍 @abigailotwell.
Volt Breeze, Testing, Traits, & Inheritance
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